Saturday, November 19, 2005

No 18 Completed

Carhop Combo
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Despite my recent need to exercise (brought on by the perceived sudden increase in the tightness of my pants) I ventured up to the White Spot in the pouring rain for a Triple O. This frees me from ever having to eat one of these before I leave.

Also accomplished on my list:

No 5: Canucks vs Columbus Blue Jackets, Nov 4th. Boring game, no fights, great seats.

No 18: Stay at the Wall Centre with Anya.
We had two dates in one night, watched movies and enjoyed each other without the distraction of the Little Perm.

No 33: Eat at Simply Thai
The drearier the day, the more I crave Simply Thai. The waitress brought Sukhi and I a candle for our table, as one of our co-workers told her it was our "anniversary". I overheard her say, "the Indian doesn't look gay, but the other one could be." I'll take it as a compliment.